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"If everyONE, would help just ONE."

Watch as a 7 year old boy makes an impact. 


Who I was is no longer who I am, however who I was has made me the man I am today. From behind bars and homeless, God managed to lift me out of the depths, and has given me an opportunity to make an impact on this planet. It's an opportunity I take seriously. 

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Michael Lang

Powerful, passionate, committed are just a few of the words I would use to describe Glen. Lundy! You owe it to yourself to add him to your daily routine. He is a an amazing manager, and a dedicated dad. He is a rockstar!!

Luke Gustini

Glenn is an inspiring speaker, he sets an excellent example of how we should all carry our selves professionally and as a friend and Family man. he is an excellent motivator and runs the most enjoyable morning talk show in the world.

Eddie Steffan

Glenn is simply an amazing and inspirational man. He cares so deeply for others. He has helped me change my life around more than I think he knows. Thanks Glenn

Cameron Moore

Meeting Glenn has changed my life! Glenn is a true leader. If you have not had the chance to have a one on one conversation with him, you should. He brings out the best in people!

Charles Baldwin

He has found a calling that not only is fulfilling his life but is having a profound effect on many others especially those of us in the automotive industry. Dare to listen and be apart of this special time and movement.

Michael Morsi

Can't say enough good things about my guy Glenn, a selfless individual who is humble and willing to share his success story that is still in the making with no limits. Thank you for being a mentor and friend!